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EasyCloud is a smart solution to browse, view and play your files and content from your Dropbox/ Google Drive/OneDrive/WD MyCloud, documents, photos, songs and video files on your Apple TV. using your remote and comfort of sitting in a Sofa. It caters to most of the files type for viewing on large screen and best render on Apple TV.

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All the content on the storage is displayed on TV for your viewing pleasure.

Google Drive

You can easily browse and select your file to be displayed/ streamed on your Apple TV. Simple to use and play a variety of files like photos, movies or songs.

WD My Cloud

Access your media from anywhere anytime, Easy WD MyCloud provides full support of your media locally and remotely. Now even enjoy your friend’s cloud media on your Apple TV. Its as ‘easy' as pie.

One Drive

Whichever is your choice of storage on Dropbox or Google Drive or One Drive or WD MyCloud ; just authenticate it using your web browser/phone and viola.


EasyCloud fully support Amazon Drive, with amazing features like video stream, slideshow, fast browsing and interactive UI


EasyCloud brings much awaited MEGA cloud service to Apple TV and its the best you can imagine. With streamable video playback for all video formats, elegantly arranged directory listing and much more.


Your favorite Box storage account now on Apple TV with EasyCloud for Box, bring your stored memories, pictures and purchased videos to life on Apple TV


EasyCloud Home provides full support to your home media PC/Mac and devices over SMB. Access all your home network shared content directly onto your Apple TV, no installation required, quick easy and as simple as 1 2 3.


EasyCloud provides you full view of updates in your account, trends and media to full glory of a large display. It securely works with the help of Yandex APIs to bring your content to yur Apple TV.

Awesome Features

  • Universal App

    EasyCloud is the only app that is available across all platform (Apple TV, iPhone and iPad) and provide support of maximum cloud storage services

  • High-performance playback

    Super fast playback and supports all video format including MKV, MP4, MOV , AVI , WMV and many others.

  • File Explorer

    Browse directory/files effortlessly from your cloud account. All your files are arranged elegantly.

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Online Metadata & Video Playback

Your media looks more beautiful with online metadata that automatically add cover art and other metadata for your movies from TheMovieDB.

easy-to-use gesture controls and interactive video player make it super easy to control video playback.

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  • EasyCloud Testimonial Avatar

    "Excited to finally see a 3rd Party WD My Cloud app for the new Apple TV. I am excited to try out some of the other EasyCloud apps as well."

    Ricardo Ayala

  • EasyCloud Testimonial Avatar

    "This is the best way for WD my cloud owners to connect with their Apple TV. Keep up the good work."

    Thomas Froger

  • EasyCloud Testimonial Avatar

    "I would like to commend you on your excellent app - EasyCloud Ultimate App. It is quite a fantastic app, but more importantly - it is easy and accessible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this fantastic app."

    Rene Diaz

  • EasyCloud Testimonial Avatar

    "Thanks for working out an app for Apple TV that allows displaying Google photo viewing. Just what I was looking for"

    Lars Koch Hansen

  • EasyCloud Testimonial Avatar

    "This app works great for looking at photos and videos stored on OneDrive."

    L. Withriw